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Airway & Sleep Evaluation

Poor sleep can lead to many health system failures
Human Airway

Dental Airway and Sleep Evaluations

As a dental provider we are often the first health professional to identify airway dysfunction because of the signs that can be observed within the mouth.


Overall wellness is guided by your oral health. That’s why our practice may recommend an Airway Assessment and/or a Home Sleep Screening.


For children as young as two years of age, we can spot potential issues with airway or bite and jaw alignment. We can address growth and development issues before they become severe and require treatment.


Poor sleep or airway dysfunction can lead to many health system failures, including dental health. You may not even be aware there is a problem, but take a look at what we may see.

  • Small upper airway
  • A small jaw
  • Tooth wear caused by teeth grinding
  • A tongue with scalloped edges
  • A large tongue
  • Oversized tonsils or adenoids
  • Elongated uvula

Adult Airway Assessment

Airway dysfunction may cause elevated heart rate, strain on the heart and brain and poor sleep quality.

Pediatric Airway Assessment

Potential to avoid speech problems, airway obstruction, teeth crowding, bite misalignment and future sleep issues.

Home Sleep Screening

This is an easy way to uncover evidence of sleep disorder and breathing symptoms to facilitate correction.

Adult Airway Assessment

This video helps patients understand the connection between airway disorders and dentistry.

Pediatric Airway Assessment

This video shows you how a palatal expander is used in children to treat speech problems, breathing issues and crowding of teeth.

Home Sleep Screening

Home Sleep Screening

Sleep Disorders

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We take pride in offering personalized treatments for our patients. We can help you breathe, swallow, speak, chew and SMILE better than ever!

Throughout his career, Dr. Fox has been deeply committed to complex oral health issues. Making these five functions pillars of his practice has contributed to the comprehensive care patients receive. We think you’ll see; we are a dental practice like you’ve never experienced before.

Meet Dr. Fox

Dr. Fox continually participates in advanced training, and has the skills and expertise to provide superior oral healthcare. His deep commitment to patient quality-of-life has led him to optimize the patient experience by offering dental options tailored to patient preferences. Dr. Fox has a passion for helping his patients achieve the beautiful natural smile they want.


“Dr. Fox and his staff have always taken a keen interest in not just my oral health, but my overall state of health. At Dr. Fox’s urging, based on observations of the structure of my upper airway during regular exams, he convinced me to get tested for sleep apnea. I can’t thank him enough for his concern and persistence.

I was tested and diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea over a year ago. This is one of the most insidious and potentially dangerous medical conditions you can have, resulting in a laundry list of very serious and often, if untreated, fatal illnesses.

Thanks to Dr. Fox and his staff’s concern and caring I have been successfully under treatment for my apnea with excellent results. It’s made a real improvement to the quality of my health and life.

Dr. Fox and his excellent staff really care about their patients.”

L. Todd

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