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Preventative Care

Our goal is to offer individualized care based on your dental health needs

About Preventative Care

Teeth cleaning, that’s what you do everyday at home. We provide preventative care called Hygiene Maintenance.


Appointments are specific to individual patient. We schedule our patients with our hygienist for 80 minutes, this allows for quality time to review your home health routine and provide education if appropriate. Our goal is to offer individualized care based on your dental health needs.

Periodontal and Gum Health Maintenance

Once a patient completes periodontal therapy or gum surgery we monitor their dental health closely. Periodontal patients may be seen as frequently as every 2 months, the average being every 3 months. For some periodontal patients they will alternate with our specialist, Periodontist, every 6 months. Our top priority is to guard the investment you’ve already made in your gum health.

Implant Maintenance

Patients that have dental implants are seen by the hygienist to monitor the health of the soft and hard tissues that support the implants. The health of the supporting tissue is vital in implant dentistry.

Denture Maintenance

Patients that wear dentures still need to have a healthy hygiene visit. We clean your dentures, evaluate the fit and comfort at each visit and inspect the dentures for any signs of wear, fractures, or stain.

Hygiene maintenance

Individualized preventative care is based on your specific dental health needs.

Periodontal and Gum Health Maintenance

Our top priority is to help you protect the health of your gums and the investment you’ve made in your health.

Implant Maintenance

Supporting gum tissue around an implant is vital to care for at home and through regular Hygiene Maintenance.

At Home Oral Hygiene

This video provides an overview of good at home oral hygiene habits for patients.

Hygiene Maintenance

This video provides patients an understanding of what happens at a typical adult checkup or regular dental exam.

Periodontal and Gum Health Maintenance

This video provides patients an overview of what it means to have healthy gums an prevent periodontal issues from reoccurring.

Implant Maintenance

This video shows you how to properly care for your dental implant to ensure its success and longevity.

Implant OverDenture Maintenance

Taking care of your screw-retained dentures is important. This video demonstrates how to properly care for your denture and the supporting implants to ensure its longevity.

About Fox Dentistry

We take pride in offering personalized treatments for our patients. We can help you breathe, swallow, speak, chew and SMILE better than ever!

Throughout his career, Dr. Fox has been deeply committed to complex oral health issues. Making these five functions pillars of his practice has contributed to the comprehensive care patients receive. We think you’ll see; we are a dental practice like you’ve never experienced before.

Meet Dr. Fox

Dr. Fox continually participates in advanced training, and has the skills and expertise to provide superior oral healthcare. His deep commitment to patient quality-of-life has led him to optimize the patient experience by offering dental options tailored to patient preferences. Dr. Fox has a passion for helping his patients achieve the beautiful natural smile they want.


“I just had my first cleaning after the onset of the Covid -19 pandemic and the practice has implemented an impressive (and reassuring) array of safety procedures and practices that made me feel that all that could be done to ensure my safety is their top priority. Oh, my cleaning was excellent as always!”

L. Todd

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