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Your Dentist and Your Health

You go to see your dentist for your teeth and your doctor for overall health. But, did you know your dentist is likely to recognize health issues before you or your doctor may notice anything? Your mouth is like a sentinel standing guard over your health. Dr. David Fox says, “dental providers are often the...
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Air Management

Air quality technology at your Dentist Office?

Aegis, Aerosol VacStation At Fox Dentistry we continually stay on top of advancing technology and techniques, but this device is just good common sense. It started with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Fox Dentistry staff planned out ways to keep patients and the care team safe. However, isn’t good air quality just simply a standard that...
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CBCT Technology in Dentistry

CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography, and it’s a dynamic advancement in dental imaging. Panoramic and digital imaging are 2-D. Don’t get me wrong 2-D imaging is important in a dental care. But when necessary, your doctor may order a CBCT of your head and neck to diagnose and plan your treatment. CBCT imaging...
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The SleepImage Ring

Can my Dentist help me with sleep problems?

You may have never thought about your dentist when you struggled to sleep at night or watched your child sleep with an open mouth. Did you think about Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and wonder if this is what you or your child were experiencing?  Dr. David Fox is an American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine...
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Children who grind their teeth while sleeping

This is called Sleep Bruxism. Is this a problem you should be concerned about? You bet. Children who grind their teeth while sleeping are probably clenching their teeth during the day. Stress and anxiety are common causes of sleep bruxism. Another issue children could be experiencing is Sleep Disordered Breathing. Left untreated, children can experience...
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What are the benefits of dental technology?

Dental technology is continually progressing. Just as you would expect from any health care provider your dentist is no different – your dental team should remain current on all advances in dental equipment, products and techniques. Integrating new dental technology can contribute to superior patient care, broader options at each level of dental care, and...
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Receding Gums

Is it normal to have receding gums? NO. Severe Gum Recession Gum recession can be caused by occlusal stress related to sleep disordered breathing, gingivitis, improper tooth brushing and flossing and/or genetics and hormonal changes. At the first sign of recession see your dentist to obtain a proper evaluation for treatment of the specific cause....
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My sleep affects my teeth and health.

My Teeth and My Sleep, What’s the Connection?

There is a big connection to our teeth, our oral health, and the way we sleep. The connection – healthy sleep contributes to good oral health. Lack of sleep or poor sleep patterns contribute to poor oral health. It may actually start with how we breathe. Quality sleep is essential for good oral health. Sleep disordered...
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