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Appliance Therapy

Appliances can be used for reducing added stress on tooth structure and gum tissue
dental appliances

About Appliance Therapy

Dental appliances may be recommended at any point throughout your treatment path. The days of goopy impressions are over. We may update impressions as your treatment progresses and the materials we use make this an easy process for you. We even offer digital impressions.


Occlusal splints or biteguards are just a few of the appliances Fox Dentistry makes for our patients. Appliances can be used for reducing added stress on tooth structure and gum tissue. Grinding or clenching can really destroy tooth enamel, so a simple appliance can be made to protect your teeth. There are specialty appliances that can help reduce stress on the TMJ to relieve discomfort in the jaw, or customized sleep appliances that improve breathing which promotes better sleep.


After your dental treatment has been completed, Fox Dentistry will make you aware if a post treatment appliance is necessary to help maintain your oral health and beautiful smile. If you are an athlete you’ll want to make certain to protect your investment and prevent injury with an athletic mouth guard. Ask us about options that offer protection and comfort.

  • Pre, mid or post treatment
  • Relief of pain
  • Prevent further damage
  • Therapeutic correction
  • Protect during activity


When your jaw or bite is out of alignment it may result in teeth damage, headache, jaw or ear pain, sleeplessness or airway issues. A biorthosis appliance starts the correction process.

Diagnostic Appliances

These appliances can slowly move your jaw back into natural placement aiding with diagnosis of the ‘why’ in issues like grinding or clinching teeth.

Post Treatment Appliances

Removable dental appliances like retainer, mouthguard, or a sleep appliance are just a few of the options to help you maintain good oral health.


This video shows you how an occlusal appliance protects teeth from wear caused by nighttime teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Diagnostic Appliances

This video shows you how an anterior bite plane can help minimize tooth grinding, reduce muscle pain and tension and promote the longevity of your natural teeth.

Post Treatment Appliance Care

Taking care of your nightguard or oral appliance is important. This video demonstrates how to properly clean your oral appliance, so it doesn’t become damaged or dirty.


This video shows you how a removable retainer helps maintain tooth alignment following orthodontic treatment.

Sleep Appliance - Mandibular Advancement Device

This video shows you how a mandibular advancement device, or sleep appliance, is used in the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

About Fox Dentistry

We take pride in offering personalized treatments for our patients. We can help you breathe, swallow, speak, chew and SMILE better than ever!

Throughout his career, Dr. Fox has been deeply committed to complex oral health issues. Making these five functions pillars of his practice has contributed to the comprehensive care patients receive. We think you’ll see; we are a dental practice like you’ve never experienced before.

Meet Dr. Fox

Dr. Fox continually participates in advanced training, and has the skills and expertise to provide superior oral healthcare. His deep commitment to patient quality-of-life has led him to optimize the patient experience by offering dental options tailored to patient preferences. Dr. Fox has a passion for helping his patients achieve the beautiful natural smile they want.


“I was in a car wreck and my jaw and bite were completely off, not to mention the headaches. Dr. Fox created a biorthosis device that I wore for almost a year. It prevented me from having to have surgery and moved my jaw back into place. Now I’m proceeding with the rest of my treatment. I trust Dr. Fox completely. He and his staff really care about me and are helping me get healthy.”

M. Packer

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