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Patient/Dentist Match Quiz

Help finding a Dentist that matches your needs

At Fox Dentistry, we listen to our patients learning about your dental goals. We answer all your questions, and we take our time providing your care. 

It is important to find a dentist that is a good match for your unique dental needs. This dental quiz will help you learn if Dr. Fox, integrative dentistry, and the comprehensive care available at Fox Dentistry is right for you.

As we talk with every patient we discuss: What we see, Why do we see it, and What can we do to make it better. Armed with better information, you can then choose treatment options that best fit your goals and objectives. It’s all about you; your health, your money, and your time. For patients experiencing some of the problems in our quiz, choosing a dentist skilled in addressing complex dentistry is not only important for solving your dental needs, but may be important to your oral and overall health.

At the end of the quiz you’ll learn if Fox Dentistry is a good match for you. So let’s get started.

1. Are you only interested in dentistry if it is covered by dental insurance? Although Fox Dentistry does not participate in dental insurance plans, we do process claims for our patients who have it. We welcome the chance to provide you with more details. If dental insurance is critical to your choice of Dental provider, you should abandon the quiz at this time. If your more critical concern is finding a provider who can solve on-going dental issues and provide exceptional maintenance care, then please proceed to the next question.


2. Do you usually see a dentist only when you have a problem?


3. Do you only go to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned?


4. Do you have oral health problems right now you are trying to solve that other dentists haven’t helped you with?


5. Do you have jaw, neck, or head pain?


6. Does your jaw pop or click?


7. Do you feel you may have a sleep quality issue?


8. Do you have problems either breathing or do you snore?


9. Are you happy with your smile?


10. Have you had implant dentistry in the past and unhappy with the results?


11. Do you want a dentist who explains treatment options and the associated benefits and cost for each?


12. Do you believe your dentist is part of your health care team?


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