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Fox Dentistry offers a range of dentistry services from routine to complex treatment including comprehensive oral health assessments and full mouth dental restoration.

Many health issues can be caused by dental problems. To achieve the best possible health for our patients, we provide integrated services with specialized focus on oral function, airway disturbance, abnormal sleep, jaw and facial pain, and oral growth and development issues in children and young adults.

You may have never thought about how your teeth impact your whole health, but we do. It’s our focus every day!

Did you know your teeth are an early warning system that gives us indicators of what may be going on with your overall health? The condition of your teeth and mouth can be a predictor of future health problems years before they occur.

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Specialized Areas of Treatment and Integrative Care

Bio-Esthetic Dental Therapies

We identify issues associated with and treatment of your bite, chewing system, teeth restoration and the cause of migraine, or facial, jaw and neck pain.

Growth & Development Assessment

As early as two years of age we can spot potential issues with airway or bite and jaw alignment. If appropriate we recommend a treatment path or specialty partners so growth and development issues don’t become more severe.

Airway Function & Sleep Apnea

Dentists are often the first to see the signs of airway dysfunction that eventually leads to abnormal sleep patterns or sleep apnea. These issues can disrupt your quality of life and lead to other oral health problems.

Our Dental Services

dental implants

Implant Dentistry

Advances in technology and materials offer implant options you may not be aware of. We can help you understand choices that fit your lifestyle and expectations.

tooth cap

Dental Rehab

Dental Rehab means restoring teeth back to their ideal length, shape, and color. This is a core expertise for us and a benefit of Integrative Dental Medicine.

Teledentistry graphic


Virtual consults allow patients to meet with Dr. Fox to discuss dental concerns or move treatment options along without ever leaving your home or office.

Human Airway

Airway & Sleep Evaluation

As a dental provider we are often the first health professional to identify airway dysfunction because of the signs that can be observed within the mouth.

Exceptional Dentistry

Fox wearing a labcoat

Dr. Fox continually participates in advanced training, and has the skills and expertise to provide superior oral healthcare. His deep commitment to patient quality-of-life has led him to optimize the patient experience by offering dental options tailored to patient preferences. Dr. Fox has a passion for helping his patients achieve the beautiful natural smile they want.

Why Our Patient's Choose Us

The beautiful smile you want may need a little help. And, so may your health! We offer solutions that give you options.

A healthy body is impacted by good oral health and consistent oral hygiene maintenance. Dysfunction associated with jaw and/or bite can impact airway function which may result in sleep apnea.

If you are experiencing that “somethings just not right” feeling, a comprehensive dental assessment may be right for you. We tell you what we see, why we see it, and what we can do to make it better.

Consultation Time100%
Hygiene Maintenance100%
Cosmetic Dentistry99%
Jaw and Bite Dysfunction90%
Airway and Sleep Dysfunction89%
Rehab & Restoration100%

Our Clients Say

  • It has been my pleasure to be a patient at Fox Dentistry for over 30 years, and two recent developments at the practice have only reinforced my belief that they value the wellbeing of their patients above all else.

    I just had my first cleaning after the onset of the Covid -19 pandemic and the practice has implemented an impressive (and reassuring) array of safety procedures and practices that made me feel that all that could be done to ensure my safety is their top priority.

    Dr. Fox and his staff have always taken a keen interest in not just my oral health, but also my overall state of health. At Dr. Fox’s urging, based on observations of the structure of my upper airway during regular exams, he convinced me to get tested for sleep apnea.

    L. Todd
  • …(continued) I can’t thank him enough for his concern and persistence. I was tested at Expert Sleep Medicine and diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea over a year ago. This is one of the most insidious and potentially dangerous medical conditions you can have, resulting in a laundry list of very serious and often, if untreated, fatal illnesses.

    Thanks to Dr. Fox and his staff’s concern and caring I have been successfully under treatment for my apnea for over a year now with excellent results. It’s made a real improvement to the quality of my health and life.

    Dr. Fox and his excellent staff really care about their patients.

    L. Todd
  • For the first time I had a dental evaluation that gave me a precise understanding of my oral health. Thank you Dr. Fox for giving me options. You are so much more than a dentist!

    G. Parker
  • My family and I have all been patients of Dr. Fox for years, and he’s performed extensive dental work on both my wife and myself. I do not say this lightly – Dr. Fox and his team are not only the best dental practice that we’ve ever been to, but they are far and away the best overall healthcare provider we have ever encountered. 

    M. Mahan
  • …(continued) The entire practice is devoted to their patients in a meaningful way, and always work to make sure you are informed and making the right decisions with the most information available to you. They offer helpful and actionable insights on how to improve your overall health, never pressure you into unnecessary procedures, and always make sure that the dental work they do is performed with the utmost commitment to comfort and quality. We consider ourselves lucky to have found Dr. Fox and his practice.

    M. Mahan
  • I want to thank Dr. Fox and his team for the time they took working on my tooth! As a girl in my twenties who serves as a tour guide and leader in my sorority, my smile is very important. Thank you for using your talents to help me get my smile back!

    L. Goldberg

Memberships - Accreditations

Our patients of record rarely have an EMERGENCY, but if you do, we are here to help.

Choose Integrative Dental Care

If you choose Integrative Dental Care we become part of your health team. This means that we will contact and partner with your primary care or other health providers, and refer you to any dental specialty partners as needed. Our goal is to provide you the best dental experience available, and understand your overall health so that we can facilitate the best long-term oral health for you.

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