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Your Dentist and Your Health

You go to see your dentist for your teeth and your doctor for overall health. But, did you know your dentist is likely to recognize health issues before you or your doctor may notice anything? Your mouth is like a sentinel standing guard over your health. Dr. David Fox says, “dental providers are often the first health professional to identify airway dysfunction because of signs that can be observed within the mouth”. Here is a list of signs Dr. Fox says that alert him to the potential of sleep disordered breathing;

  • small upper airway,
  • elongated uvula,
  • a small jaw,
  • tooth wear caused by teeth grinding,
  • a large tongue,
  • a tongue with scalloped edges,
  • and oversized tonsils or adenoids.

Seeing these issues launches a set of informational documents that help him and his patients document lifestyle or symptom patterns.

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