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Air quality technology at your Dentist Office?

Air Management

Aegis, Aerosol VacStation

At Fox Dentistry we continually stay on top of advancing technology and techniques, but this device is just good common sense. It started with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Fox Dentistry staff planned out ways to keep patients and the care team safe. However, isn’t good air quality just simply a standard that should be commonplace. 

We added Aerosol VacStation devices to each of our treatment rooms. This device is cutting edge technology that acts as an extraoral aerosol reducer and air purifier, and there is no noise. It helps keep Fox Dentistry patients safe by reducing aerosol particles by 97% – 99.8% and decreases the potential spread of infectious disease and pathogens. This is carried out with a HEPA, charcoal, and UV Light combination air filter. This is an extra health benefit for patients and staff derived from technology.

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