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What are the benefits of dental technology?

Dental technology is continually progressing. Just as you would expect from any health care provider your dentist is no different – your dental team should remain current on all advances in dental equipment, products and techniques. Integrating new dental technology can contribute to superior patient care, broader options at each level of dental care, and assured outcomes. Some benefits for patients are better communication, ability to view and understand greater visual detail associated with all aspects of examinations, less discomfort, and more exact restorations. Your care team may use advanced technology in your dental care to influence better overall health, precise duration for the treatment plan you choose, greater comfort, and safety through less radiation.  Dr. David Fox think a few must-haves for a dental practice are digital x-rays, 3-D imaging, laser systems, digital cameras, Intraoral cameras and an air purification system.

Your dental staff is also helped by advanced technology and techniques too, from better communication within your care team throughout your treatment, and greater diagnostic and treatment accuracy, to better ergonomics for their own comfort and health.

Fox Dentistry is an Integrative Dentistry practice in Louisville, Kentucky providing patients with advanced dental technology and techniques for routine to full mouth dental restoration, comprehensive oral health assessments, and specialized focus on oral function, airway disturbance, Dental Sleep Medicine, jaw and facial pain, and oral growth and development issues in children and young adults. For more information visit

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