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Children who grind their teeth while sleeping

This is called Sleep Bruxism.

Is this a problem you should be concerned about? You bet.

Teeth flattened from grinding

Children who grind their teeth while sleeping are probably clenching their teeth during the day. Stress and anxiety are common causes of sleep bruxism. Another issue children could be experiencing is Sleep Disordered Breathing. Left untreated, children can experience migraines, worn teeth, TMJ, teeth fractures, sensitive teeth, receding gums, and misaligned teeth. If your child is snoring or breathing with their mouth open it’s another signal of Sleep Disordered Breathing or airway dysfunction.

Causes and treatment will vary depending on your child’s age. A dentist who specializes in Airway Dysfunction should perform an evaluation. A treatment plan might include other specialists to correct a dental or airway issue.

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