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Can my Dentist help me with sleep problems?

The SleepImage Ring

You may have never thought about your dentist when you struggled to sleep at night or watched your child sleep with an open mouth. Did you think about Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and wonder if this is what you or your child were experiencing? 

Dr. David Fox is an American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Qualified Dentist. Dr. Fox often sees a correlation with patient’s overall wellness and Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB), which is a result of oral or airway dysfunction. It is occasionally due to an untreated growth and development issue for his adult patients. For children, it is important to find and treat these issues early.  

A recent dental technology added by Fox Dentistry is SleepImage Pulse, a Multi-Sensor Sleep Recorder in the form of a non-invasive wearable device. SleepImage is a revolutionary approach to screen, diagnose and manage sleep health in children and adults. The benefit to Fox Dentistry patients is objective assessment and diagnosis. Dr. Fox supports the patient through a treatment plan and helps them transition to Primary Care, Sleep Medicine or Pulmonology care.

SleepImage is FDA-cleared for diagnosis of OSA in children, it is low-cost, simple to use and not intrusive for the child. This offers the potential to measure multiple nights of sleep in the child’s natural sleeping environment to capture the dynamics of SDB.

Fox Dentistry is an integrative dental practice in Louisville, Kentucky providing patients with advanced technology and techniques for single to full mouth restoration, and routine or comprehensive oral health assessments. Specialized focus is in oral function, airway disturbance, Dental Sleep Medicine, jaw and facial pain, and oral growth and development issues in children and young adults. For more information visit

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